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Trust our expert pool table repair services instead of trying to fix things yourself. Our professionals will safely address any issues and not cause further damage. DIY repairs take a fair amount of time and may only offer a short-term solution. Fixing a pool table on your own can result in more issues. Our experts have years of experience performing pool table repair services across LA. We work with commercial and residential customers across Greater Los Angeles, CA. Our local company provides a full range of pool table services, including replacement. No matter the style or age of your billiard room furniture, we can repair or completely restore it. Stop searching for “pool table repair services near me” and hire our local company.

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    Our professionals do pool table leveling to fix an uneven playing surface. Higher quality materials, like hardwoods and slate, are easier to repair. We’ll come to your Los Angeles property to level your pool table. Lower-priced MDF styles may be unable to be fixed, but our experts will let you know. Billiard leveling typically involves loosening and replacing hardware. We can add shims or metal plates to the slate pool table. Our professionals may need to adjust the legs, which we recommend not doing on your own. The middle of the pool table is the most critical area when leveling. Handling the sheer weight of the slate with a DIY adjustment can cause more damage. Our experts will do the pool table leveling job properly and safely. We work across Greater Los Angeles servicing residential and commercial properties.

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    Pool table refinishing transforms and updates an antique or vintage style. You can create a contemporary look or custom design. Our experts will apply new billiard felt and restore the wood. Change the playing surface color or framing with pool table refinishing. Billiard pocket installation replaces any older or damaged parts. Our professionals will disassemble the pool table and then refinish it. We can sand the wood down and apply new coats or colors of stain. Select from various styles, brands, and types of billiard felt. The size of pool tables often makes them a focal point in rooms. Updating will match the interior design of your Greater Los Angeles property.

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    Billiard Table Refurbishing & Restoration

    If you have an old billiard table, refurbishing and restoration can bring back its beauty. Conditions of antique pieces vary depending on the number of moves over the years. Billiard table refurbishing lets you restore an original look or add contemporary accents. Some vintage styles have mesh or net baskets to collect billiard balls on the outside. Our Los Angeles experts can create a design with interior leather pockets. We have years of experience in restoration and rebuilding pool table structures. Choose a new finish and type of stain for the hardwood. Billiard table refurbishing also allows you to select the felt color and materials. Restoration lets you keep a timeless piece for the next generation to appreciate.

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    Pocket Repair

    Frequent playing and the weight of billiard balls cause wear and tear to pool tables. You may need pocket repair or replacement services. Many billiards use leather materials, but they eventually degrade. Our professionals perform pool table pocket repairs to Greater Los Angeles. We work on residential and commercial billiard room furniture, including coin-operated styles. First, we remove the pocket covers and then repair the damaged materials. If we’re unable to fix the baskets, we can replace them. Our professionals will repair the side and corner pool table pockets. We also install new billiard rail systems or felt for customers.

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    Cushion Repair

    Pool Table Repair Los Angeles CA

    Billiard cushions last approximately 10-15 years but may need service in between. We can fix or replace the bumpers for you. Our local company offers cushion repairs on pool tables across Greater Los Angeles. It’s easy to identify when you need bumpers fixed from breaking the billiard balls. During play, a different sound or little to no bounce indicates the need for cushion repair. Our experts will turn the top rails, fix the rubber bumpers, and ensure the felt is secure. We service residential and commercial pool tables, including coin-operated models. During the cushion repair, we can also refelt the surface or bumpers.

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    Bumper Repair

    If billiard balls start losing their bounce, you likely need rubber bumper repairs. Our Greater Los Angeles company can fix or replace your pool table cushions. Bumpers last up to 15 years but may require repairs at one point. For significant damage, we can replace commercial or residential pool table cushions. During the rubber bumper repair service, we remove and reinstall the billiard felt. Our experts use high-quality tools, adhesives, and staples to perform the job. Bumper repairs on pool tables will enhance the playing experience. If you need billiard felt installation, we can replace it during the service. 

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    Pool Table Repair

    Frame Repair

    We offer frame repair services to fix the pool table’s wood and cabinetry. Some MDF beds may be able to be serviced. Our experts will look at the table and let you know if we can perform repairs. Billiard framing is important because it holds the slate bed. You don’t want to delay repairs because the pool table can see further damage. Also, trying to fix the issues on your own can create additional problems. We also can restore any fading on the hardwood. LA Pool Table & Moving Service Pros offers frame repairs to homes and businesses.

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    Slate Repair

    Most pool tables are made of slate which delivers a solid surface for cue sports. The rock can sometimes become damaged or uneven. We provide slate repairs on pool tables to Greater Los Angeles. Our experts will fix the surface under the felt in your home or business. Slate can weigh up to 450 lbs. Older styles made by California Billiards or Empire likely have one piece. More modern pool tables have three parts of slate. Performing DIY repairs may cause the rock to break and shatter. Typical damage includes cracks or a chunk taken out of the pool table. A broken slab of slate needs to be bonded back together. Our professionals have years of experience handling pool table repairs in LA. During the service, we remove the billiard felt, fix the slate, then reapply the cloth. If you need additional repairs, our experts can perform them simultaneously. Have us install new felt for a fresh look or replace the damaged fabric.

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    Rails Repair

    Pool tables have different rails depending on the size and style and may need repairs. Accidents like leaning or sitting can cause damage along with food and drink. Also, the pool table location may degrade the materials over time. Exposure to heat and sunlight deteriorates short and side rails over time. Not protecting your pool table with a cover also causes dust buildup, leading to erosion. We perform rails repair services to Greater Los Angeles in homes and businesses. Our experts work with wood and other materials to fix any damage. We will maintain the integrity of your billiard table. If you need additional components serviced, our professionals can address any issues.

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