Pool Table Refelting

We offer pool table refelting and recovering in LA and nearby cities and towns. You can have us remove and replace the billiard cloth for a new look or repair extensive damage. Refelting and recovering allow you to choose from different colors. Instead of the traditional green, you can select the felt to personalize your pool table.

Pool Table Services Los Angeles

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    Refelting and Recovering

    Refelting covers the bed top and is a challenging DIY project to undertake. Our professionals can recover your pool table and give you flawless results. We remove and replace billiard felt for residential and commercial customers across LA. There are two primary fabrics to cover the bed, standard wool or worsted cloth. Each covering has different features. Regular woolen materials cost less and last up to 7-10 years; however, they have lower quality. Wool felt is coarse with more “nap,” which fuzzes over time. On the other hand, worsted cloth allows for high-speed and smoother play. This pool table felt has premium quality and can last up to 20 years with proper care. Our local company can discuss the different options with you during a free estimate. 

    Contact us if you need “pool table refelting near me” in Greater Los Angeles. You can view the color swatches of billiard cloth that we offer. Don’t wait and get your free quote from LA Pool Table Moving & Service Pros today. Fill out the online form for refelting and recovering services, or call us.

    Pool Table Services LA

    Felt Replacement

    Whether you have damage or general wear and tear, we do felt replacements for pool tables in Los Angeles. Even if you protect and maintain your billiard cloth, it will need to be changed out eventually. We work with high-quality brands that make fabric for pool table felt replacement. Worsted cloth offers durability and has a longer lifespan than wool. Many businesses choose this type of billiard fabric. Premium grade felt helps resist spills and stands up to frequent use. Woolen cloths are ideal for casual play but have lower quality and shorter longevity. Replacing billiard felt is a task best left to professionals. Our LA company has years of experience installing cloth covers on pool tables. We remove the old fabric and add new felt for residential and commercial customers. You no longer have to choose the familiar green color, today, there are various styles. Our billiard cloth installation services deliver a smooth and secured finish.

    We offer free estimates on felt replacement services for pool tables to Los Angeles. You can view the color swatches of billiard cloth we provide. Get a quote by filling out the online form or calling us today. LA Pool Table Moving & Service Pros looks forward to hearing from you.

    Re-cushion & Bumper Replacement

    In addition to refelting bed tops, we also replace pool table cushions and bumpers. Our professionals can remove any old or damaged fabric along the sides of the playing field. For bumper replacement, we install new rubber and then recover it with felt. Depending on use, pool table cushions need service every few years. Commercial settings often see more wear and tear than residential environments. There are several signs to tell if you need pool table bumper replacement. On top of seeing visible damage, you’ll notice a different sound when the billiard balls break. Also, when playing, the pool table cushions won’t offer as much protection as they age. When you need bumper replacement, the billiard balls will no longer bounce the same. You’ll notice more rolling across the playing field and the quality of games degrading. 

    Pool Table Repair

    Contact us if your Los Angeles pool table needs new cushioning and felt. You can choose the color and brand of cloth you want. We have years of experience providing billiard bumper replacement services. Get a free estimate for your residential or commercial pool table needs. Call us or fill out the online form or call us if you’re in the Greater LA area. We look forward to servicing your pool table. 

    Billiard Table Cloth Application

    To upgrade or replace damaged felt, we offer billiard table cloth application services. Our Greater LA company can rejuvenate the look and quality of your pool table. You can choose a distinct color or go with the typical green. We work with various brands that make top-performing billiard cloth. Pool table felt application gives you a smooth surface and improves players’ games. Our professionals cover the top of the billiard beds with the fabric of your choice. LA Pool Table Moving & Service Pros helps residential and commercial customers. Worsted cloth is a napless or smooth felt for high-speed play and performance. Wool fabric has a coarse texture that can fuzz over time. Many people prefer to have worsted cloth on their billiard tables. The longer lifespan, quality, and durability are better than choosing wool felt. Routine maintenance extends the longevity of pool tables, cleaning the dust and chalk. However, you’ll eventually need a new billiard cloth over time. 

    You can view our color swatches of felt and get a free quote if you’re in the Greater LA area. Fill out the online form or call if you need billiard cloth application services. Our team of experts looks forward to hearing from you.

    Custom Color Cloth Installation

    Create a distinct look for your pool table with custom colors of cloth. We offer felt installation services where you can choose from various designs. Many people think that most pool tables have a green surface. Today, you can modernize the playing field, unlike in the past. Our local company gives you an option to design and customize colors of billiard cloth. We refelt commercial and residential pool tables across the Greater Los Angeles area. You can personalize the style to stand out or match your property’s interior. Choosing custom colors for pool table cloth installation delivers a sharp look. Our professionals will work with you to select the fabric that best suits you. We then apply the billiard felt to your table in your chosen color scheme. 

    Get a free quote on custom felt from LA Pool Table Moving & Service Pros today. Call us or fill out the online form to inquire about new cloth for your pool table. We look forward to discussing color options with you. 

    Choose from the Best Worsted Felt

    Our LA company lets our customers choose from the best worsted felt on the market. Select the ideal pool table cloth for your home or business. You can view color swatches that we offer and select a tone you want. Worsted felt has zero fuzz and is much smoother than standard wool billiard cloth. This type of fabric lets players shoot and enjoy a high-speed game of pool. 

    Choose from the best worsted felt for your Greater Los Angeles billiards table.

    Proform High Speed makes one of the top brands of worsted felt for bar settings. This billiard cloth resists spills and has incredible durability. Proform 9’ High Speed Worsted Felt is perfect for residential and commercial settings. This professional pool table cloth has a 23 oz. weight and uses a 70% wool and 30% nylon blend. This type of worsted felt is affordable for its superior quality. You can choose from 28 different colors for your Los Angeles pool table.

    Simonis Worsted Felt is a textile producer devoted solely to billiard cloth. The cue sport fabric manufacturer has been in business since 1680. The Belgium company is the oldest textile maker in the world for cue sports. Simonis 860 is recognized by many as being the highest quality of worsted felt. There are 27 colors of this 90% wool and 10% nylon billiard cloth. Simonis 760, available in 15 shades, is known as the original worsted felt and gives a higher speed of play. For a balance of the two, the 860HR has 70% wool and 30% nylon but only comes in four colors.

    Proline Classic 303 Billiard Felt is available with or without Teflon materials. This cloth is ideal for residential pool tables. Proline is available in 30 colors and uses 80% wool and 20% nylon materials. This mid-range option has a durable and strong surface at a reasonable cost. Proline Classic Teflon Felt provides adequate speed when shooting pool. This billiard cloth is stain and spill-resistant.

    Championship Pool Table Felt makes one of the top-selling billiard cloths, Saturn II. This brand makes premium-performing fabrics at a reasonable value. We install Championship Worsted Felt on residential and commercial pool tables. 

    Imperial Leisure also has various worsted felt options, including pre-cut sets. Choose from different fabric blends and between 20 or 21-ounce weights. This cloth for pool tables is stain-resistant and appropriate for homes or businesses.

    CPBA Competition Worsted Pool Table Felt is excellent for commercial settings. This billiard cloth is ideal for tournaments or fast-paced environments. 

    LA Pool Table & Moving Service Pros can work with you on choosing the best worsted felt. We’ll discuss the various performance grades, materials, weight, and colors. You can view the color swatches of felt we provide for your pool table. Our local company services different sizes and styles of pool tables. 

    Get a free estimate on billiard table recovering services across Greater Los Angeles. Choose from the best worsted felt by viewing the color swatches. Call or fill out the online form for pool table refelting services. We hope to serve you in selecting the optimal billiard fabric.