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    Thanks for visiting our website! We offer the best in Los Angeles when it comes to Pool Table Moving, Service and Repairs. Please call us today for a free quote on any of our specialized services!

    Moving a pool table to its next home is best left to specialized professionals. The size, shape, and weight require the proper equipment for disassembly. Our local company has pool table movers who can relocate the oversized object for you. We service the Greater Los Angeles area and surrounding counties. We are an established licensed and insured local business.

    Pool Table Repair LA

    Pool Table Repair Services

    Here are the most common residential and commercial pool table repairs we perform:

    • Refelting addresses billiard fabric damage from accidents or aging. We may be able to recover patches or areas on the playing surface.
    • Pool table leveling which stabilizes an uneven surface to improve the playing experience.
    • Addressing slate issues underneath the billiard felt. When shooting pool and the game doesn’t run as smooth, it typically warrants a call for repairs. We fix any cracks, breaks, or missing chips on the slate. The felt removal needs to be performed cautiously. We’ll remove the staples, then carefully reapply the billiard fabric.
    • Pool table bumpers repair or replacement commonly needed if you use your pool table often. The billiard balls bouncing or rolling in a different manner indicate a problem. Also, if the sound is off when you break, there are issues with the pool table cushions.
    • We fix billiard rails to maintain structural stability and hold the slate. Players leaning against the pool table may cause damage. Moisture buildup and the billiard room’s environment can wear down the top rails. Heat and sunlight may degrade the pool table components. We also repair and replace side and headrails in vintage and contemporary styles. 
    • Repair and replacement for the pockets and the covers. With more play, the billiard balls weigh down the baskets. Pocket covers, mainly at the corners, become worn out from shooting with the cue stick. High-quality pool tables use leather materials. Antique billiard room furniture may have nets on the exterior, which we also fix.
    • Damaged wood framing can be repaired on slate pool tables. Our LA company may be unable to fix some materials with an MDF bed. Premium billiard tables use hardwoods like oak or maple for structural integrity. If the framing or cabinets wear down or fade, our experts can service them.
    • Pool table refinishing transforms a vintage and outdated style by upgrading the look. You can create a custom design that suits the interior of your home or business. Our professionals are able to change the stain and felt colors. We can replace other parts on the billiard table, as well.

    You can stop searching for “pool table repairs near me” in Greater Los Angeles. Let our experts handle any billiard damage you have. Trying to fix a pool table on your own can cost more if you make a mistake. In most repair cases, the felt needs to be carefully removed and reinstalled. Hiring LA Pool Table Moving and Service Pros will prevent any mishaps. 

    Pro Pool Table Movers and Repair Specialists

    If you need pool table services in Greater Los Angeles, don’t do it yourself. We have a team of experts who work with all sizes and styles of this billiard room furniture. We use equipment and specialty packing materials, including crates. Your pool table will stay safe and secure with our professional moving services. After the relocation, we reassemble and set up the billiard room furniture. We can make any adjustments to the table, including leveling and cloth refelting. You no longer have to choose a traditional green; now, arrays of colors are available. Felt replacement transforms the appearance and delivers an optimal playing surface.

    Pool Table Refelting Los Angeles ca

    Refelting and Recovering

    The best time for pool table refelting and recovering is after moving to a new location. When playing, mistakes with the cue stick may create holes and disrupt the surface. In other cases, carelessness can cause stains, and we’ll repair patches or areas. Depending on the fabric, felt inevitably degrades over time, regardless of performance grade. Regular maintenance extends the longevity of the billiard cloth. You want to clean off the chalk and dust from the playing field. However, the fabric doesn’t last forever and will need replacement eventually.

    With us, you can choose from two types of billiard felt, wool or worsted cloth, by top-selling brands. We also offer custom color cloth installation for your pool table. Stick with green or select a different shade that best reflects your style. We provide free quotes on refelting services to the Greater Los Angeles area. Our experts can assist you in determining the best solution for your pool table. Selecting a worsted cloth for refelting gives you durability and longevity. Unlike wool, this high-performance fabric can last up to 20 years if maintained. Worsted felt gives your billiard table a smooth surface with no fuzz buildup. There are stain-resistant and Teflon options if you’re worried about spills. We work with Simonis 760 and 860, Proform High-Speed, Proline, and Imperial Leisure. You can view all the brands and color swatches we offer to our customers. 

    Worsted pool table felt also comes in different weights and fabric blends. We can explain the features and benefits if you have any questions. Businesses typically need a higher performance grade due to frequent play. Homes that periodically use their pool table may be able to get away with a lower quality. Refelting improves the quality of games by delivering a smooth surface. We have been providing billiard services to Greater Los Angeles for years and our services are just a phone call away!

    Complete List of Services We Provide

    Our local company specializes in pool table moving and repairs in Greater Los Angeles, CA. We work on both residential and commercial projects.

    Here’s a complete list of services we provide:

    • Pool Table Moving Across Greater LA
    • Crating and Specialized Packaging
    • Antique Billiard Table Restoration
    • Repair and Replacement Services
    • Pool Table Assembly and Disassembly
    • Slate Repairs Underneath the Felt
    • Billiard Cloth Removal and Installation
    • Custom Pool Table Felt Application
    • Bumper Repairs and Replacement
    • Re-cushioning Billiard Tables
    • Pool Table Pocket Repairs 
    • Pocket Cover Replacement
    • Refinishing Vintage Billiard Pieces
    • Leveling an Uneven Pool Table
    • Billiard Rails and Frame Repairs
    • Pocket Cover Replacement
    • Pool Table Setup 
    • Much More!
    Pool Table Moving Los Angeles

    Why Choose Us

    When it comes to moving or repairing a pool table, you may feel stressed or overwhelmed. The weight of this oversized piece of furniture is not ideal for a DIY project. If one thing goes wrong, the billiard table can break into pieces and become irreparable. For years, we have been providing expert service to Greater Los Angeles, CA. Our professionals can disassemble and move your pool table to its next home. We work carefully and diligently to ensure safe and secure transport. If you have a slate bed with one or three pieces, our experts use proper packaging, including crates. Our experts work with all sizes of residential and commercial pool tables. We service MDF, outdoor, coin-operated, vintage, and antique styles.

    After relocating your billiard table, we reassemble it and set it up in your new space. If you want changes or need repairs, we’ll perform the service after setup. Choose us for pool table moving or any other needs to spare yourself damage and time. The weight of the slate and hardwood make DIY projects extremely challenging. Watching a how-to video tutorial doesn’t compare to our professional services. Our experts guarantee top-notch service for pool table moving or repairs. We offer free quotes to LA, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Ventura County.

    Areas We Service

    The areas we service include all towns, cities, neighborhoods, and communities around LA. We move pool tables and perform billiard repairs to five California counties. Areas we service include Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Ventura County. Contact us if you’re searching for “pool table movers” near me. We offer free estimates on commercial and residential relocations and repairs.